Transformers Generations Selects Micromaster Soundwave Spy Patrol (3rd Unit) 4-Pack In-Hand Images

Thanks to tfcollect on Instagram, we have some great in-hand images of the new Transformers Generations Selects Micromaster Soundwave Spy Patrol (3rd Unit) 4-Pack. This pack is inspired by the G1 mini-cassettes and it includes redecos of Micromasters Rumble as Frenzy (blue guy) and Ratbat as Wingthing (based on Action Master Soundwave partner). The other two cassettes are redecos and slight remolds of the aforementioned figures as Skar and Knok respectively. These are homages to G1 Doubledealer’s Powermaster partners, and the reason why the new Earthrise Doubledealer has got slots for them. Check the images out below the break!
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