Transformers: Cyberverse – Mae Catt Q&A Session

Transformers: Cyberverse season 3 has concluded in specific parts of the world and Mae Catt, one of the writers, participated in a Q&A session to answer some burning questions. Read on for more info! Don’t forget to engage with other fans about all things Transformers by signing up for free on our forums, joining our Discord Server, following @AllsparkNews on Twitter, or our Facebook group!

The Spoiler-free highlights of the interview:

  • He writer explained that the latest season was 26 episodes instead of the usual 18 due to the fact that it contained two 4-part TV movies, namely ‘The Battle For Cybertron’ and ‘The End Of The Universe’.
  • Quite a lot of characters were planned but there wasn’t enough time or assets to do so.
  • There was an idea to genderswap Jazz to be a lady but it did not make the cut.

You can check out the full interview via Shikai The Storyteller on Tumblr (Edited Version & Unedited Version), but keep in mind that it does contain spoilers, including the ending of Season 3.