TFSS Pretender Galvatron and More

Via the official BotCon Discord channel we have more never before seen toy concepts from the days of the Transformers Figure Subscription Service, this time based on Galvatron!

It’s Decepticon Day! March 4th… March Forth… No takers?
Anyway, I wanted to show off an unused… or rather later altered… concept for an infamous Decepticon Leader that had at one point been considered for an exclusive. What’s his name again? Pretender Galvatron!
When we made Oilmaster for BotCon 2015, we knew that we wanted to redeco/retool him for Optimus Prime. And that we wanted to use the Masterforce Grand shell for his adversary. However, Megatron wasn’t my first pitch, it was Galvatron with the inner figure based on his cartoon colors and the shell in his toy deco. The inner figure was a recolor of the HFTD Breacher figure… I liked the idea so much that I made a hand-painted version so I could show exactly how I wanted the deco to work (which stems from the final production of SG Galvatron not getting the abs that I wanted). It also allowed me to show how the Construct-Bots cannon would work… and make sure a  label saying “translucent” was attached to avoid miscommunication there as well.
Ultimately though, the decision was to make the adversary a Double Pretender to match Optimus Prime. And, of course, that an Optimus should be fighting a Megatron. So the TFSS Pretender Megatron with Spacewarp was made instead. A toy which I like just as well; it’s a pity we couldn’t make both!
I’ve read claims that these concepts are something new and created on the spot. In response to that I left all the scuff marks and storage damage visible on Galvatron and didn’t try to hide them from the camera as I did with Optimus Primal.

Also to provide a response to the murmurs about why we didn’t use any of these great ideas if we had them… I have folders with hundred of ideas, and I’m just showing off the ones I’m proud of. But I’ll go ahead and show one of which I’m not proud, if that helps. Go ahead and enjoy the terrible sight of… Galvashark! (Made before eHobby and Takara Toy Mall revealed Hellwarp… who coincidentally uses the same colors. But for a different character of course.)

One last thing… Jim Sorenson recently told me that he used the mock-up for Pretender Galvatron as a basis for his Beast Wars Uprising Pretender story. Where the Decepticons were human and the Autobots were the monster suits. So that’s fun, and I love the nod that I somehow had managed to stay ignorant of for this long!

Thanks again to JGW on Discord for revealing these concepts. I wonder how many more ideas there are that we never got to see. Fortunately if you join the BotCon Discord channel you can be the first to know if any more come to light. You can also join the discussion in our Transformers forum, on our Discord Server (home of the BotCon Discord channel), @AllsparkNews on Twitter, or our Facebook group!