TFC Toys S-03 Leviathan (G1 Rippersnapper) Gray Prototype

Via TFC Toys Weibo account we have our first look at the gray prototype of TFC Toys S-03 Leviathan (G1 Rippersnapper). Read on for more information and to view the mirrored images! Be sure to check out our forums or you can join our discord by clicking on this invite link: You can also follow us on Twitter via @AllsparkNews or join our Facebook group!

Leviathan is a part of Satan, TFC Toys take on G1 Abominus. The design is a very modern and stylized rendition of the character, similar to what TFC Toys offered with their Poseidon Combiner (Piranacon). While not cartoon-accurate, we are sure many fans will like this modern and highly stylized design of the classic G1 Terrorcon member. As we can see for the pictures, you can expect a highly articulated figure in both modes. We also have a look at the combiner arm mode.