Super7 ReAction Transformers Wave 1 Gallery and Review!

Blasting into the Allspark Studio a from a past that never was is the first wave of Super7 ReAction Transformers!  Will they fill the cartoon figure void deep within your soul, or just stand at attention on your shelf like they were designed?  Tune in after the break to find out!

When I first saw images of the ReAction Transformers line, I was not totally convinced I would buy them.  In general I do not buy non-transforming Transformers, so things like the recent Dollar Tree blind packed mini-figures did not get my attention.  I have seen other ReAction lines at brick and mortar retail, and some were a hit, and some were a miss.

Maybe it was the impressive card art that finally got me interested in checking this line out, since I like to rotate out pop-culture images in the background of my office where I hold video conferences.  All I know is I took a leap on a purchase here, and I am glad I did.

Carded or No?
The card art for these figures is really cool.  The base for the front of each card is the classic red or purple grid with the fade to black gradient.  On top of that is a beautifully rendered classic Transformers logo, with a garnish of either the G1 Autobot or Decepticon symbol and descriptor in the upper right and the classic “More Than Meets the Eye” tagline on the bottom left.  This is enveloped in the grey that forms the “frame” for each character.

Floating just inside the frame is a darkened background of a Cybertronian city, in front of which is posed each of the featured characters, floating just inside and outside of the frame.  All of the Transformers are posed in a way that embodies each individual character, from Prime’s powerful leadership stance to Starscream’s confident (but ready to stab you in the back) hands on the hips look.  I would really like to know who did the cart for this line, because they look like someone I would like to follow on Twitter or Instagram.  The art is very classic, cartoon inspired, and alive.

Each of the characters is named in a yellow box just above their bubble.  They are simply tagged “action figure”.  To the right of the bubble is the blue and white ReAction logo.  Within the bubble on each card you will find the figures standing straight at attention, which is in line with a series that is trying to give you lots of properties based on the Kenner Star Wars 5 POV look that was iconic in the early 80’s.  If the character has a blaster, it is included in the tray within which they rest.  Megatron only comes with his arm cannon, permanently attached.  Starscream, however, comes with a gun-mode Megatron.  That just feels perfect.

The back of the cards is the same for each figure, apart from the logo that references their allegiance.  There is no individual information, like a mini-bio, tech spec, or anything else that would set the backs apart.  It is a classic 6-back cross sell, just letting you know if you only see some of the figures that your collecting is not done.

The image is still visually impressive, as it gives you a better view of the background from the front of the card.  The figures I have came from BBTS, and appear to be a EU market release.  I am not sure if they are all like that, or if there is a US/Americas version of the card backs as I have yet to find any of these in brick and mortar stores, and will likely not be looking anytime soon since my community is on lockdown now due to the corona virus pandemic.

These figures display impressively as carded, mint pieces.  They look like beautiful retro cartoon artwork that can be mounted on a collector’s wall.  While I always open my figures, I have chosen specific characters to use as carded art in my office.

From this wave I am keeping a carded Optimus, Bumblebee, Megatron and Starscream.  The line is a little expensive for what you get, however, so I do not expect most collectors will be following suit.

Open ‘Em Up!
So, I have to open my figures.  This line is no exception, in-spite of the designs.  Each figure has 5 points of articulation, just 2 points short of the Action Master line from the 80’s.  The designs are nicely cartoon inspired, if not a tad simplified to with the with theme of the line.  The lines on each mold are nice and crisp when straight, and beautifully curved when the character design calls for it.

The colors are nice and appropriately cartoon level bright, which really makes each figure pop.  All figures come with cartoon inspired faction symbols, and Starscream’s are appropriately upside down in his robot mode form.  Also great is that Autobots have blue eyes, Decepticons have red.  As it should be.

Due to the 5 POA, there is not a lot of dynamic posing that can be done.  Prime and Megatron can look like they are leading troops as they point forwards.  Bumbleebee can look like he is sneaking around as a scout.  Starscream can look like he is ready to kill as he points Megatron at his target.  Soundwave stands stoically, ready to carry out Megatron’s command.  Jazz can get into a surprisingly decent breakdancing pose.

That is about it for action poses.  What did you expect with only 5 POA?  Still, I love the looks on these figures, and definitely want all of the line, free from their plastic prisons, standing on my shelves in cartoon goodness.

Final Thoughts
This is an impressively packaged, well designed retro-line of Transformers that is fit into the theme of a larger line.  This line is not for everyone, in particular due to the price, which some may find high for the level of POA and the fact that the figures do not transform.  I anticipate some readers will react negatively to this review for many of above points.

Let’s take into account however, that the fact that this line (or the Dollar Tree line for that matter) exists because the Transformers brand is strong.  Strong enough that not only do we have multiple lines now that cater to completely different types of collectors (movie, classicverse, children (Rescuebots)), we also have 3rd party companies willing to pay licensing fees to Hasbro just to be able to sell their own Transformers merchandise.  This is a great thing for fans.

That being said, I love the Super7 ReAction Transformers line!  The retro-cartoon look, beautiful card art, and display-ability really let it stand out as a great pop-culture representation of my favorite line of characters ever.  I am all in, and if any of the above interests you, I recommend you buy them too!  Who knows, the kiddoes (who are not in danger of swallow hazards) may be fans of them as well.  If they express an interest, let them try it.  Worst case scenario, you have one more thing in common.