Real Life Transformers: The last Knight Onslaught Spotted in Portland, Oregon – NOT A REPLICA

Thanks to Allspark user repowers for sharing with us real life images of Transformers: The Last Knight Onslaught who he spotted roaming around the great, weird city of Portland, Oregon in the gorgeous pacific NorthWest! Repowers tells us in the thread that he posted about how he was out on his bike with his camera, poking around the North Portland industrial area and hoping to find some interesting railroad doings, when much to his surprise, the actual movie Onslaught drove right past him. To read more about repowers experience with the Decepticon (and why the movie Onslaught was casually out and about) you can click here to visit the thread! Be sure to also check out our gallery of the Life-Sized Long Haul that was spotted in Salem, Oregon!
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