HQ17, New Rewards, And Game Mode Are Live And A New Avatar This Weekend In Earth Wars

This weekend’s event for Transformers Earth Wars is an individual event where you can earn Spark, Shards, and Z-Energon while earning Triple XP! Also, we have a new Avatar! Check out below for more info!

Earlier this week, the HQ17 update went live. Along with the base upgrades available, there is a new resource and new game mode. The newest resource is called Z-Energon, and it will be required for most of the HQ17 upgrades as well as the Level 60 bot upgrades. The Newest game mode, that runs weekly from Tuesday through Thursday, is called Elimination Mode. This new game mode allows you to send your bots against bases, just like normal, but you can only send each bot once a week. It does still require fuel, but it doesn’t cause them to require the normal cool down period for normal mode, Alliance Wars, or Events. The new game mode also gives a tremendous amount of XP and a good amount of Z-Energon depending on what level base you attack. For example, I was getting around 35K
This event, called Tunnel Vision, will be an Individual Totaliser where you can unlock a new avatar as well as Z-Energon! Check out the Event information from Space Ape below:

We also get a better look at the latest new bots coming to the game!

Along with all of the HQ17 upgrades, we also get a ton of bot updates as well. Check them out!

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