Flame Toys Kuro Kara Kuri IDW Megatron Decepticon Gallery

From Flame Toys comes a new gallery featuring the Decepticon version of their IDW Megatron Kuro Kara Kuri highly articulated, non-transforming figures. Continue reading to check them out!
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Here we go !
Reborn in a deadly new body, Megatron was powered by Ore-13, armed with a devastatingly powerful rail gun, and even equipped with space bridge nodes stolen from Metroplex, which gave him the ability to open space bridge portals on his own.
It is proud that Flame Toys presents this Megatron version in [Kuro Kara Kuri] series and pre-order starts from now !
Here is some pre-order information for your reference :
Retail : US$400
Size : ~21cm height
Material : ABS, PVC, PA, Diecast
Sale : August, 2020
Special bonus parts if buy via d4toys.com : Roar face and weapon case.
Product information :
– 2 Interchangeable faces are available! So, the product can be displayed with different emotion.
– 3 kinds of rifer and they can be combined into a long rifer.
– 7 LED units packed in a 21cm height body.
– Linkage articulation gimmicks!
– Super-poseable with diecast parts for solidity and heaviness!
– A bonus part of weapon case and roaring face are available only if you pre-order in d4toys.com, Sen-ti-den or other Flame toys event.
Here is the e-channel you can pre-order :
Official e-shop (with special bonus part) :