Bayverse Grimlock Toy Appeared in a Film That Ranked Worse Than Age of Extinction on Rotten Tomatoes

2019 film The Fanatic, starring John Travolta and directed by Limp Bizkit, has a scene in it where the King of The Dinobots makes a special ‘cameo’. Most people would of never noticed this, not because the cameo is short, but because no one wants to watch The Fanatic seeing as how it has a 16% on rotten tomatoes whereas Age of Extinction actually has a higher score of 18%. Continue reading for more info.
The scene in question occurs when John Travolta is hiding in his idol’s house, under the child’s bed, he sees Age of Extinction Flip & Change Grimlock laying on the floor, he then reaches out and cradles the toy close to himself. Limp Bizkit never feels the need to explain the significance of the toy or why it was in the movie in the first place. You would not want to waste your time watching this movie so we included screenshots from the scene for your viewing. Don’t forget to engage with other fans about all things Transformers by signing up for free on our forums, joining our Discord Server, following @AllsparkNews on Twitter, or our Facebook group!