Interview With Transformers Cyberverse Bumblebee VA Jeremy Levy

We’ve got an exclusive interview with Transformers Cyberverse voice actor Jeremy Levy, voice of Bumblebee. This interview was conducted by Allspark forums member Cabooceratops. Continue reading to check it out!
Allspark: So first lemme say, thanks for agreeing to this interview, it’s really exciting getting to talk to one of the leads of an ongoing Transformers cartoon.
Jeremy: My pleasure! It’s exciting to be talked to.
Allspark: So we in the Transformers fandom know you for voicing our favorite yellow bot, Bumblebee, in Transformers: Cyberverse. What are some other roles you’ve taken in your career?
Jeremy: Well, recently I’ve voiced a couple characters on Pokémon – Professor Mohn (tragically lost in another dimension at the moment), and I’ve been voicing Badalf the evil wizard on Nella The Princess Knight. Where I actually get to do some singing. So that’s fun.
Allspark: Oh cool! I love shows with musical elements. I’ll have to check it out. What’s it like working in the New York voice acting scene?
Jeremy: It’s the best. It’s such a supportive community. You start running into all the same people at your auditions. So it becomes almost more of a social event than anything.
My favorite pass time is trying to psych out Ryan Andes- who plays Grimlock and Shockwave
Allspark: Oh wow, too cool! And that leads into my next question, how’s the work environment and relationship with your costars and the rest of the Cyberverse crew?
Jeremy: It’s like recess for all of us. The writers and actors on the show have become some of my very good friends. In terms of making the show- it’s very collaborative. Everyone is very open to ideas and there are a great many being thrown around at any given moment. We’ll improvise and make jokes on the fly, and very often they’ll make it into the show
Allspark: Awesome, it sounds like a rad work and creative environment. I’m a little jealous! It seems like that’d help the creative process a bit. Has this collaboration influenced the show’s story? For example, did you have any influence on Bumblebee switching from a Radio Voice in Season 1 to a “Normal” Voice in Season 2?
Jeremy: Hahaha THAT I did not. I leave those decisions to people who are smarter than I am. We have some amazing writers and producers, and I’m happy to place myself in their hands when it comes to the larger story elements. But when it comes to acting stuff- considering how a character might feel or react in the moment, that stuff gets a lot of conversation in the moment. Which is great. To know that you can speak and be heard, let’s you be a lot braver in your choices.
Allspark: Right on right on, it’s cool to see the trust you put into the other people working on this show. I imagine that sense of collaboration contributed to something that I liked and heard good things about in Season 2, where between you and your costars Artz(Hot Rod) and Nelson(Cheetor) you created distinct voices for characters with historically similar archetypes. In that vein, were you at all inspired by any previous iterations of Bumblebee or similar turborevvin’ young punk characters?
Jeremy: I was! I actually did a deep dive on all things Transformers once I found out I’d been cast as Bee. I like to think that I borrowed various elements from Bumblebees past, while putting my own spin on it. I loved the go-with-the-flow innocence of of Dan Gilvezan, Bumper Robinson’s snark, and Will Friedle’s more classic brave hero. I also made sure to always include a sense of vulnerability. Bee to me, in a lot of ways, is the audience’s way into the story. So it’s important that he be relatable
Allspark: Yeah!! I think you really grasp the main thrust of Bumblebee’s appeal. He’s you friend! He’s a cool alien robot who fights bad guys and doesn’t afraid of anything, but he’s still your friend you can rely on and he relies on you too. That’s why I love him, at least! So, knowing you get it, what’s it like BEING Bumblebee? Do you ever get recognized by kids? Is Windblade really your best friend? =P
Jeremy: All of the above 🙂
Anyone who’s met me will tell you there’s actually a fair amount of shared ground between Bee and me. I’m a total goofball who also occasionally dabbles in snark. So I do get him. Also, I grew up with my cartoon heroes like all of us. I know what they meant to me, and I know what they represent. So actually BEING one is a literal dream come true (if you’ll pardon the cliche). Every time I get to utter one of those classic hero lines- I cant stop smiling for like a week
Allspark: Wow, that’s really awesome! That really makes my day, to hear stuff like that. Are there any moments in the first two seasons that stand out as your favorite? Perhaps a moment in season 3..? 😉
Jeremy: Nice tryyyyyyyyy
Allspark: Haha! I had to try!
Jeremy: My absolute favorite scene is Bumblebee and Megatron on the rooftop in “Megatron Is My Hero”. I love the idea that Bee once idolized Megatron. It’s the most stark reminder that, even though Bee has a childlike quality about him, he was forced to grow up under the most dramatic of circumstances. And it makes his having to stand up to Megatron, and then suffering the consequences, all the more heartbreaking
Allspark: Yeah, that’s a really striking moment! Cyberverse has certainly had one of the most compelling prewar stories in Transformers Animation, you and the rest of the crew have done great work of that
I have a fun question as my last real one. Being a toy nerd, I have to ask, have you picked up any Bumblebee toys? Do you have any favorites among them?
Jeremy: Oh yeah. When the first wave dropped I took a train to the Target in Brooklyn to see if they’d gotten any in. I grabbed a Warrior class Bumblebee and proudly trotted it up to the register. I calmly explained to the cashier that “that’s me.” – and to my surprise she had no clue what I was talking about. After a lengthy explanation I finally got a polite smile and a “Well, that’s nice. Do you need a bag?”
Allspark: Oh no!! Haha, I’m sorry, that’s hilarious. X ]
Jeremy: Since then I’ve been gifted a great many figures. I also have a Might Muggs Bee. The one where you press down and the face changes? It’s nothing short of adorable
Allspark: Oh yeah!! I’ve seen those around the Ollie’s I work at. Too cute. I keep hoping the wave with Windblade will show up locally. I’m a bit of a fangirl for her.
Jeremy: Who isn’t?
Allspark: Heck yeah, you know what’s up!! Okay, last question, if you don’t mind. Do you have anything you’d like to say to the Transformers Fandom at large?
Jeremy: Well firstly, that Season 3 is going to blow everybody away. I couldn’t believe what I was reading when the first scripts started coming in. So, strap in. The you ain’t seen nothing yet.

And also, that I’d like to meet them in person! Ryan Andes and Billy Bob Thompson (who plays StarScream and Wheeljack) and I are in the midst of planning a convention tour. So hit up your favorite con and tell them you want to see us there. Fun fact: the height differential between Grimlock and Bee is the exact same as Ryan and myself. Also Billy Bob is very charming in person.

Allspark: Alright, well I’ll definitely strap in for Season 3 of Cyberverse, and I’ll put the word out! Thank you so much for your time Mr. Levy, it was really cool to interview you!
Jeremy: Thank you for reaching out!