Takara Tomy Next Generation Selects Teaser – Super Megatron Incoming?!

Thanks to Allspark user The Phazer in our Generations Selects thread, we know TakaraTomy has shared a new teaser image of their next Generations Selects figure and it seems that Super Megatron is coming! Read on for more info, including the reveal date for the figure! You can hop on over to our discord for real-time Transformers chat or you can join our forums if you want a more slower pace.

Takara Tomy is revealing two silhouettes of a robot and alt mode which look very similar to Super Megatron’s design. This character only appeared in the pages of the Japanese exclusive TV Magazine: “Battlestars: Return of Convoy”.
According to the information shared in Takara Tomy’s tweet, the full reveal of this character will be this April 2, 2020.