WFC E-7 Deluxe Cliffjumper Gallery and Review!

Striking first, fast, and hard in the Allspark Studio today is none other than WFC-E7 Deluxe Cliffjumper!  Will he win the battle against the Decepticons on your shelf, or end up sidelined by a blow-out because the situation is too dangerous for him to handle?  Tune in after the jump to find out!

Cliffjumper was one of those characters that always entertained me as a kid.  He was brash, impulsive, and always ready to take action against the Decepticons.  He was like an Autobot Starscream, loud and always making the wrong decisions.

When I finally saw the G1 toy on the playground in 3rd grade (from that one kid, you know, the rich one that had EVERY toy in the 80’s) I was a little underwhelmed.  I kind of expected Bumblebee to be small, but I guess I thought Cliffjumper would be a little more…impressive?  He was basically the same toy, and that was not a good thing.

Over the years we have seen many iterations of this fan favorite hot head, often times being a simple repaint or at best, a remold of Bumblebee.  That pattern is broken with Earthrise Cliffjumper, who not only gets a fully separate mold from Titans Return Bumblebee, but gets lots of amalgamated design cues from both the G1 toy’s Porsche-ish alt-mode and the cartoon’s classic robot mode look.  Let’s take a look at each right now!

Alt Mode
Super-deformed no more!  Cliffjumper’s alt-mode in Earthrise is very much inspired by his roots.  The deep red paint scheme, black tinted back window, squared-off spoiler, and that characteristic mark (not sure what to call it) on the hood’s upper right-hand side call back to his classic toy.  Due to the added space of not being crunched up, his Autobot sigil is not on his hood, which balances his look much better, in my opinion.

Cliffjumper, as you must have suspected by now, is significantly smaller than other deluxes in vehicle mode.  I do not care.  He can ski, he can roll out, and he is full of “little man” awesomeness in both modes.  Speaking of which…
Robot Mode
Robot mode seems to be where all the contention about Cliffjumper lies.  Transformation to robot mode is nicely complex…well, more so than you would expect from such a tiny bot.  Cliffjumper has lots of moving parts that make for a stellar robot mode with great articulation like:

  • ankle swivels
  • knees
  • rotating thigh swivels
  • hips that rotate forwards as well as outwards
  • rotating waste
  • full range of shoulder movement
  • bicep swivels
  • wrist swivels
  • limited ball jointed head (THANK YOU, Hastak, now just add more RANGE…please???)

All of those items add up to a figure that not only looks like the classic G1 character, this Cliffjumper can pose like a master (not me, I am not a pose-master).  Ole’ CJ here can get into all kinds of great action poses, comes with his glass guns AND a bazooka.  What is not to love?  Oh…oh I know what you are thinking.  What about that frelling partsforming rear end?  Well, if you have called him a partsformer and added some sort of explicative (I use Farscape speech), then this is where you and I part ways on the opinion road.  I don’t see Cliffjumper as a partsformer for a few reasons:

  • His trunk integrates into vehicle and robot modes completely (backpack in robot mode)
  • His trunk forms a defensive weapon in the form of a shield
  • He can completely transform to robot mode with his trunk in his hand and…
  • He can almost attach it to his back without extra assistance like removing it from his grasp

Now the first two points don’t need that much explaining but I will expound on them as a group a bit more:

  • We have other robots that have parts that form weapons (guns, mostly, but some shields) but we don’t seem to care as much when it is a tailpipe or some lesser part of the vehicle
  • We have Transformers in multiple series that transform using a multitude of acrobatics and flipping of weapons to get from alt-mode to robot mode, yet we cannot suspend disbelieve a bit to say that is what is happening with Cliffjumper.

You may agree.  Feel free to disagree.  I won’t hate you either way.  I will enjoy my perfect Cliffjumper, who leaps into action, throwing his shield onto his back as he transforms and rushes into battle.  And that is good enough for me.

Final Thought
Cliffjumper is a smaller than average deluxe, but you should feel like you are getting your money’s worth with him.  He is a great classic imagining of the character, he packs in some nice add-ins, has a satisfying transformation, and who does not love a Transformer with a defensive/melee weapon?  Cliffjumper is gold, and I want multiple repaints of him and TR Bumblee (or a new mold) to fill out all the color variations my budget can handle.  Be on the lookout for Cliffjumper now!