WFC-09 Earthrise Starscream Gallery and Quick Review!

Flying fastest into the Allspark Studio today is none other than Earthrise Starscream!  Will he replace Megatron as leader of your Decepticons or get sidetracked while overrating himself?  Tune in after the break to find out!

I have been on a slight hiatus for the past 6 months trying to wrap up a second master’s degree.  Now that that is over, it feels great to be back at the keyboard, writing about Transformers.  I am going to ease into things, so this review will be a little shorter than my usual work.  Let’s see what this new figure is about!

Starscream is one of those iconic characters that you just cannot get too many of in a collection. Every time I see a figure designed in the G1 look, I can almost hear Chris Latta’s gravelly whine as this forever second fiddle schemes of overthrowing Megatron once and for all.  The original Classics mold was praised for years as they best version of the original look.  I liked it for what it was, but there were a few elements of the design that never sat well with me.  The head was not on a ball joint (Hasbro, this is important!), the biceps and thighs lacked a swivel, the arms tended to flap outwards during use, and the null rays were WAY too big in comparison to the rest of the body.  Still, the vehicle mode was a fairly solid, non-parts forming rendition of an F-series jet, and since they made the mold in so many colors, it was a fan favorite for more than a decade.
Cue Earthrise Starscream:
Jet Mode
Everything you loved about the CHUG mold has been made better (mostly).  The lines and contours of this jet are much more aerodynamic.  The overall design looks much more like a real yet.

The only exception to this is the undercarriage, which is slightly thicker in comparison to that of the CHUG mold.  In spite of the undercarriage, this is the sleekest, most G1 Starscream jet you could get for under $100.  Now he just needs his backup soldiers.

Robot Mode
This is where the new mold shines.  First off, Starscream really should be larger than a deluxe, and this new figure delivers.  Second, the articulation on this rendition is top notch.  The only things that could improve in this area would be greater range of motion in the neck and knee joints, and some sort of waist swivel.

Additional elements that stand out on this figure are:

  • A lack of battle damage/environment effects
  • Large amounts of panel lines that accentuate the look without being overdone
  • Wings that sweep backwards
  • Null rays that are proportionate to the rest of the body
  • Ankle tilts

There are no energy/blaster effects with Starscream.  I hope that is not a future trend, as the blasts and bursts that came with Siege figures were neat and added lots of value to the figures.
Final Thoughts
Earthrise Starscream is almost a perfect Starscream.  He is the best G1 Starscream to date, and almost looks like he just jumped off the screen.  I fully expect this mold to be recolored numerous times, and I personally plan to buy every recolor HasTak puts out.  Hopefully we will get one with Starscream’s classic smirk, to add a little more personality to the offering.

Earthrise Starscream is beginning to show up at Target stores all across the nation at the writing of this post.  Make sure to seek this figure for your collection immediately!