Transformers Earth Wars Is Having A Five Star Super XP Event This Weekend!

This weekend’s event for Transformers Earth Wars is an alliance event where you can earn Spark, Old School Crystals, and 5 star shards while earning Super XP! Check out below for more info!

The event, called Dirty Politics, will be a 75 prestige alliance event event where you earn a ton of 5 star shards! Each prestige, you will get an Old School Crystal that unlocks either 3,4, or 5 star shards! Check out the information from Space Ape below:

We also get some more info on the latest Beast Wars bots coming to the game!

Do you need an alliance for this event? Are you getting a 5 star bot this weekend? Let us know in our Earth Wars thread, on our Discord Server, @AllsparkNews on Twitter, or our Facebook group! And good luck in the event!