Transformers Cyberverse Creative Team: Ideas That Didn’t Make The Final Cut

Transformers Cyberverse Story Editor Randolph Heard started a rather intriguing discussion on his Twitter; going as far as inviting other members of the creative team including Zac Atkinson, Mae Catt, Gavin Hignight and Dan Salgarolo to contribute their ideas that ultimately missed the cut for various reasons.

Among the highlights:

  • A whole planet full of Cheetors
  • Everything on Cybertron having the ability to transform: buildings, household objects, etc.
  • Bumblebee rebooting the Ark and saving everybody at the end of Season 1, but in the process that would have wiped out all his memories of S1
  • A blue Grimlock being one of the captains we see in multiverse
  • A scene in Maccadam’s Old Oil House with Jazz playing a Cyber-bass

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