Toy Fair Transformers Presentation First Impressions

The Transformers presentation at Toy Fair 2020 just wrapped. We’ve already seen much of it this week, but there were still some surprises. Read on for all my live notes.

Things kicked off with a bang. We got some good information on the upcoming Netflix series based on the War for Cybertron trilogy. The show takes place in the final hours of the civil war. The Autobots’ backs are against the wall. They’re fighting the possibility of their own extinction. Megatron considers a plan that involves using the Allspark to reformat the Autobots. Optimus Prime finds out about this plan, and comes up with a plan of his own to steal the Allspark and keep it away from Megatron. However, removing the Allspark means condemning Cybertron to death. The show is said to be inspired by G1, but we should see some new sides to the characters we know. The show models are said to be taken from toy CAD data, ensuring a very high level of accuracy. On that note, things turned to our first trailer for the show. The animation looks very nice.
Now Earthrise is already past the show’s initial Cybertronian setting, but the show will be accompanied by a Walmart exclusive tie-in toyline, Netflix Collection. These will be the familiar SIEGE molds, but with new paint schemes, as well as another surprising bonus. Deluxe wave 1 cinsists of Hound, Chromia, Sideswipe, new character Scrapface, and Mirage in a Decepticon disguise. The big surprise is each Deluxe comes with a piece of a Teletraan 1 backdrop! Voyager wave in includes Megatron and Hotlink. Leader class wave 1 is apparently a secret and contains a significant show spoiler.
For IDW news, in issue 25 Orion Pax will finally take the mantle of Optimus Prime and all the various story threads will come together.
Next the presentation turned to Earthrise. It started with a reveal of Fan Vote Runamuck. yes, Runabout is coming soon as well. Next we saw the new Mercenaries faction. Apparently this faction will be encountered during the journey to earth. Wave 1 of these guys consists of Snapdragon and Double Dealer. Next we saw the Quintesson faction, consisting of Quintesson Judge, Alicon, and a new guy named Slither Fang, a creation of John Warden. The rest is things we’ve seen this week: Commander Class Sky Lynx and Titan Class Scorponok.
We got a reveal of one upcoming Generations Selects: a Micromaster Spy Patrol set representing Double Dealer’s Powermasters. The set also includes Frenzy, who is indeed blue as God intended.
Next we got a trailer for Cyberverse season 3, and a preview for some upcoming releases, most of which we’ve seen already. We did get a look at a new character Thunderhowl.
Next was Studio Series. Upcoming Deluxes include Soundwave, Topspin, and the ill-fated Cliffjumper. Voyagers include Scrapper, Sentinel Prime, Blitzwing(!), and Skipjack. We only saw one upcoming Leader, Overload, and we finally got a clear look at the fully assembled Devastator!
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