Official Studio Series Devastator Photo Reveals Voyager Skipjack!

Hasbro’s official Transformers facebook page has revealed a high quality official image of the combined Studio Series Devastator, except something surprising is afoot! Or should I say “a foot”? Hasbro didn’t skip a beat sneaking in their own little reveal this weekend.

That’s not Rampage acting as the left leg of Devastator, it’s his yellow re-deco Skipjack who was recently rumored via listings. This gives our first look at the yellow bulldozer Constructicon who actually combined with Devastator and not the red-hued Rampage who was killed during a fight with Bumblebee in the Revenge of the Fallen movie.

Will you be getting Skipjack to give Devastator his movie-accurate left leg, or is Rampage good enough for you? Discuss it with other fans in the Allspark forums or on our Discord server!