New War for Cybertron Siege Images Found Via Walmart

New images of War for Cybertron Siege re-decos have been discovered using the Walmart mobile app. Many are largely re-releases of previous toys with even greater battle damage deco, but there’s a few more interesting surprises as well!
Starting with the deluxe class, Hound, Sideswipe, and Chromia are largely unchanged besides their additional battle damage, but there is a new character re-deco of Refraktor named “Scrapface” as well as a Decepticon version of Mirage!
In addition two the deluxe class there are two 3-packs with a Voyager and two Battlemasters, one being a metallic Megatron while the other is the “Welcoming Committee” Seeker from MTMTE Pt1, Hotlink! Hotlink includes two Battlemasters to evoke the flamethrower he used in his one notable appearance in the G1 cartoon.
Also listed is a mysterious Ultra Magnus “spoiler pack” which obscures what’s inside and exclaims it contains spoilers, likely for the Netflix show which is prominently advertised on the box. Will these toys be Walmart store exclusives or will they see wide release? Hopefully we’ll find out more at ToyFair this weekend.

Thanks to Allspark member Sabrblade for bringing the news to our attention.
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