New Toys Found on ToysRus System Not Revealed at ToyFair! Includes Clones, Hubcap, Thrust, GI Joe & Transformers Set And More

It has been discovered through some sources at TRU Canada that there are listings for certain Transformers toys that were not revealed at Toyfair this weekend. The listings go on to include the SKU numbers for each product but, take this with a grain of salt until we get official confirmation. View below for the full list and don’t forget to check out our forums or you can join our Discord server.

  • Generations Clones 2-Pack 477877
  • Generations Selects Hubcap 479608
  • Earthrise Deluxe Exhaust 458783
  • WFC Deluxe Arcee 472047
  • WFC Deluxe Smokescreen 472050
  • Earthrise Deluxe Greasepit 477882 (“modulator”/Micromaster base)
  • Micromaster Spy Patrol 477912 (possibly the new Selects 4-pack)
  • Seeker Thrust 380374 (implying he won’t just be a Target exclusive like originally rumored)
  • SDCC GI Joe & Transformers Set 270027
  • Voyager Seeker 2-Pack 477915
  • Cyberverse Repugnus’s Revenge SKU 480401
  • Movie Masterpiece 480366 (unknown figure, sku doesn’t match Megatron or Jazz)