IGN posts official Earthrise reveals: Scorponok, Zarak, Fasttrack, Sky Lynx, and Arcee!

The Toy Fair 2020 news is starting to roll out, and the follow-up to Siege continues to rise. IGN has put up a gallery of official renders for upcoming Events and product, and square in the spotlight is the next Titan Class figure, Scorponok, the next Commander Class figure, Sky Lynx, and a new take on Arcee!

Scorponok comes with Lord Zarak, whose head turns into a “smaller Titan Master”. Fasttrack is a separate release, apparently, who turns into a staff to be wielded by Titan class figures.
Sky Lynx separates into his bird and lynx modes, and also forms a modular base!
Finally, Arcee gets a new non-exclusive figure of her 1986 design for the first time since Thrilling 30, and one that may rival the upcoming Takara Masterpiece in robot mode rendering. This time, though, the rear half of the car shell (seats and all) appears to become a hoverboard.
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