Flame Toys Upcoming Furai Model & Kuro Kara Kuri Figures Extra Images

Images of a promotional Flame Toys pamphlet that was given to attendees at New York Toy Fair 2020 with extra images of upcoming Furai Model & Kuro Kara Kuri Figures has been making the rounds lately! The pictures come in color and b&w sketches, gray prototypes and extra images of some previously announced items along with some reveals! Check below for the images and don’t forget to create an account to become apart of our forums!


  • Kuro Kara Kuri Line. These are high quality action figures, top finishing, articulation, premium materials and die-cast parts.
    • Victory Leo & Victory Saber (combined with Star Saber) – Gray prototype additional images.
    • The Fallen – Gray prototype additional images.
  • Furai Model Line. This is a line of easy snap-on model kits, fully poseable, cheaper and smaller than the Kuro Kara Kuri action figures.
    • IDW Ultra Magnus – New release. Color prototype, white redeco of IDW Optimus Prime model kit.
    • Bumblebee Red Ver. – New release. Color prototype, red redeco of G1 Bumblebee model kit.
    • Leo Prime (Lio Convoy) – Color sketches.
    • Optimus Primal – Gray prototype additional images.
    • IDW Rodimus – Sketches and details.