First Look! Earthrise Scorponok, Sky Lynx, and More

New York Toy Fair 2020 is still three weeks away, but we’re already getting sneak peeks at some big ticket items coming up for Earthrise. Posted anonymously on the infamous imageboard 4chan is an excerpt from a digital catalog that shows preliminary product images for Titan Scorponok, Commander Sky Lynx, and two new Battle Master designs.

Commander Class Sky Lynx is presented in all his glory, with three modes on display: the iconic dinobird, the space shuttle with crawler-transporter, and a new base mode chock full of A.I.R Lock-ready ramps. While the classic lynx and bird separatiois not represented among these shots, it should be noted that the space shuttle appears to disconnect from the crawler-transporter in order to achieve base mode.
Titan Class Scorponok is shown off with all three of the G1 character’s modes present, with Deluxe-sized head Zarak visible beside the base mode.
Also depicted are illustrated designs for two new Battle Masters, following Soundbarrier’s lead in acting as A.I.R. Lock platforms, as well as Phaser and Blast Master of the Micromaster Astro Squad, making good use of TFWiki’s assets. Wave 1 products are included among these images, possibly indicating repacks.
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David S