First Look at MP-50 Tigatron, MP-51 Arcee, and Studio Series Scrapper and Overload at Winter Wonder Fest 2020

Winter Wonderfest 2020 is this weekend, and as expected there’s exciting Transformers news from Takara Tomy—the next Masterpiece releases are MP-50 Tigatron and MP-51 Arcee!

Once again the first images from the show come courtesy of Stryker Wang on twitter, first giving us a distance shot of the display of Arcee and Tigatron, and a few photos of printed materials featuring our first look at Studio Series Scrapper and Overload, the final components of Studio Series Devastator!
As you can see Tigatron, while sharing engineering with Cheetor, is an entirely new mold, scaling appropriately with the other Beast Wars Masterpiece characters. Also of note, we finally have confirmation that Studio Series Overload will use his two-legged concept art design rather than the alternate four-legged version.
You can check out the images for yourself below!

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