First Look At Cancelled Shattered Glass Optimus Primal!

While this toy wasn’t ultimately made, we have an exclusive reveal of what it would have been! Read on for more details!

Thanks to BotCon Staff for dropping by the Official Discord and dropping this little tidbit!

Yesterday on the BotCon social media (FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram) there was an article giving the basics about Onyx Primal. And maybe you remember a couple years ago when we revealed that one of the potential/canceled exclusives was Titans Return Onyx Primal. But that wasn’t the only time that an homage had been planned!
When word came down that the license was ending, we wanted to make the final TFSS subscription “freebie” figure an homage to something unmistakably “Club/BotCon”. The Hasbro-approved final freebie at the time was Combiner Wars Sunstorm. We wanted to switch it out though. And the figure we wanted was… Shattered Glass Beast Wars Optimus Primal! This would have been a recolor of the Pretender Optimus Prime in SG colors with the Micro/Targetmaster in an Onyx Primal scheme!
So here’s an exclusive Allspark Discord peek at that concept!

Followed up quickly with this little bit of info on its inner mode:

The inner, truck mode concept was loosely based on BW Megatron because of the “swap color schemes with counterpart” rule that applied to some SG exclusives. Also, Megatron put the purple and black in the right places for a solid SG Optimus Prime nod, so I rolled with it.

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