Cyberverse One-Step Repugnus sighted, out in (appropriately) the wild!

Allspark member @Cheetimus tweeted to share a monstrous new sighting: what seems to be the first account of spotting Cyberverse (Well, Bumblebee: Cyberverse Adventures) Repugnus in brick-and-mortar stores! This figure had previously been included in a leak that also promised a Deluxe class Hot Rod (reported here on the Allspark!), and now our monsterbots are coming home to roost.
As Cheets’ photos show, the one-step changer “Gruesome Chomp” Repugnus has a reasonably G1-faithful look (especially standing next to Prime Wars TR Repugnus), a nice and pudgy beast mode frame, a somewhat back-heavy robot mode, and an adorably, er, murderous grin.

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