Cover Art Shown For Transformers: The Manga Volume 2 And Preorder Volume 3 Available!

The upcoming Manga from Viz Media, printing these classic G1 stories from Japan in English for the first time, now has its cover on Amazon! Read on for more details!

Thanks to Allspark Users Saberblade and Powered Convoy, we now have a look at this awesome cover from the upcoming Manga!

The artwork for the second volume, shown here on Amazon, looks awesome with several characters that were featured heavily in the post G1 Japanese cartoons, such as Sixshot, Chromedome, Overlord, and more. This is the second volume, and is available for pre-order now and will be released on May 12th. The first volume can be Pre-ordered here, and will be released on March 10th.  And while we don’t have a cover art image for Volume 3, it too is available for pre-order here!
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