BotCon – Beyond The Convention: The Ultimate Product Guide

Via Facebook, Pete’s RoboCon has shared details of the upcoming book BotCon – Beyond The Convention: The Ultimate Product Guide. This book will be included in the BotCon Pre-Party Registration package for RoboCon 2020 with an exclusive cover. If you can’t make the convention, don’t fret; and a regular retail edition is coming as well! Read on.


BotCon – Beyond The Convention: The Ultimate Product Guide Volume 1
Product Features and Description
Soft Cover
144 Pages
Release: June 5th, 2020
Every year during its tenure from 1994 to 2016, the BotCon conventions offered fans the chance to purchase new and exciting exclusive action figures to add to their collections or take home as extra special souvenirs. Over 180 of these exclusives were produced during those 22 years, ranging from repainted figures to full redecos to resculpted parts to fully new accessories and action figures only available at the events!
BotCon – Beyond The Convention: The Ultimate Product Guide Volume 1 is set to be the first publication to collect and catalog every single exclusive and provide a comprehensive guide to every figure sold by 3H, Men In Black, OTFCC, and Fun Publications. Volume 1 showcases the figures, accessories, and convention memorabilia with clear and clean photography letting these amazing collectors pieces have the perfect display to dazzle. In addition to that, there will be over 16 pages of behind the scenes and in progress images of the various levels of production of a BotCon exclusive.
Whether reliving nostalgia or fawning over what collectors may deem as “a grail”, BotCon – Beyond The Convention Volume 1 will be a remarkable reference for toy fanatics everywhere!

You can find the Facebook post here.
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