BBTS Exclusive BotCon Beyond The Convention: The Ultimate Product Guide Volume 1 Limited To 300 Copies!

BotCon has revealed a BBTS exclusive release of the BotCon beyond the convention ultimate product guide! Read on for more details!

In BotCon News, we just had the staff drop by our Official Discord channel and let us know that there is an Big Bad Toy Store exclusive Guide! Check out the details below:

We’ve got some more news about the product guide book! BBTS are offering an exclusive cover, T-shirt, and a historic recreation of the 1994 pre-registrant button! Hopefully a fun grab-bag of nostalgia for BotCon attendees young and “old”! (After 20+ years of operation might unfortunately have to call some of us that…)
Our friends over at Big Bad Toy Store just put up the pre-order for their exclusive version of the BotCon: Beyond the Convention guide book. This 144 page guide book covers every BotCon branded item ever produced in the U.S.
The BBTS edition will feature an exclusive 1994 Breakdown cover and an exclusive BotCon 1994 throwback T-shirt that you can only get through their online store.
This amazing offering is limited to only 300 so make sure you don’t miss out!

Check out this awesome set in our gallery below:

If you are interested in this, then you better order now before it’s too late! There will only be 300 of these, and I imagine that they will sell out fast!
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