All Three Coneheads On War For Cybertron: Earth Rise Sky Lynx Boxart!

Toy Fair may be winding down, but we are still getting some interesting tidbits! After a look at Earth Rise Sky Lynx’s boxart, we have spotted several fan favorite characters! Read on for more details and pics!

Thanks to the folks over at, we have some nice pics of the upcoming Comander’s boxart! Take a look at the front, and you will see both Dirge and Ramjet fighting the arrogant Autobot. While this has been reported, however once we turn the box to the side, we also see Thrust! Take a look for yourself below:

With the news of leaks in the TRU system of upcoming toys, it makes us wonder if we will see all three Coneheads in Earth Rise! Stay tuned for more details as they develop!
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