Wave 5 of Transformers Trading Card Game Brings Titan Masters Into the Fray!

Just as the wait for Wave 5 news was making everyone start to lose their heads, Wizards of the Coast provides!

Via IGN, we now have our first details on Wave 5 of Wizards of the Coast’s Transformers Trading Card Game: TITAN MASTERS ATTACK!

Continuing the One-Full-Size-One-Tiny Character Card trend that began in Wave 3, each pack of Titan Masters Attack cards will get you one full sized character who serves as a body for the tinier Titan Master character. Also like Wave 4’s Trypticon, each box of Titan Masters Attack cards will include Fortress Maximus, his Titan Master Cerebros, and Cerebros’ Titan Master Emissary!

Players will be able to mix and match Titan Masters and bodies freely, replicating the classic Titan/Head Master play pattern of the toyline. As a head, the Titan Masters give bonuses to their body’s base abilities and are able to deploy and fight on their own if their body is KO’d. Another new wrinkle the article mentions are “Stratagem Cards” that allow you to further modify both new and existing cards!
Titan Masters Attack is due out on April 17, 2020 and is available to preorder from Amazon now! For more Transformers TCG discussion, check out our forums, Discord, and Facebook!