War for Cybertron: Earthrise Micromasters SPOTTED at US Retail!

It seems the next chapter in the War for Cybertron has reached our planet ahead of schedule!

UPDATE: Thanks to Rob Shively on our Facebook page, we have another confirmed sighting of the Earthrise Micromasters in Sacramento, California!

A few days ago, reports came in that a collector in Bangkok had managed to acquire the upcoming War for Cybertron: Earthrise Optimus Prime figure several months ahead of the figure’s projected release in late March, early April. We now have reports via a forum post that the first wave of Earthrise’s Micromasters have also been spotted and bought at US retail!

According to the poster Megatronus, the Micromaster Hot Rod and Military Patrols were spotted at a Target in Portland, Oregon. Megatronus also provided photographic evidence that he was able to purchase both sets of figures. There’s no telling at this time how widespread these figures’ appearances will be or if everyone will be as lucky in purchasing them. Target has a history of sometimes accidentally putting product out while it’s still on register lock, which means even if it’s out on shelves it is unable to be purchased until a set date. Until we know more though, we wish everyone happy hunting!
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