War for Cybertron: Earthrise Leader Class Toys Spotted at US Retail!

The Earth is finally beginning to rise ever closer!

Thanks to a post from Reddit user deceptibot9, we now have a report that the two Leader class releases from War for Cybertron: Earthrise were spotted and purchased at a Target in Boise, Idaho!
This new sighting comes about a week after several sightings of Earthrise’s Micromaster figures were also reported at Targets across the US, so there’s certainly reason to believe this may not be an isolated incident! As with that though, luck may vary with one’s ability to actually purchase these figures without being blocked by Target’s street dating system.
As always, we wish everyone happy hunting for these early releases! And if you manage to score these two or any other Earthrise figures ahead of the line’s reported March/April release window, let us know over on our forums, Discord, and Facebook!