The Allspark’s 2020 survey is now LIVE!

It’s a brand-new decade, and⁠ — thanks to all of your contributions to our 20th Anniversary fundraiser ⁠— there are big plans on the horizon here at the Allspark. In the meantime, however, we want to hear from you! If you’ve ever used the forums, visited the Discord server, or even just followed along with the front page (and can spare some time to fill out the survey) we’d love to find out what you like about our community and what you think we can improve.
Click here to begin the survey.
Answers are anonymous, but you’ll have the option to de-anonymise at the end if you choose. The most interesting of the aggregated results (along with some unattributed free-text answers) are being published in real time on the Allspark’s Discord server, which has just received a major revamp! If you’re more comfortable on the forums, we’ll be posting some stuff and discussing the results here too. Stay tuned…