Flame Toys In Hand Images Of Kuro Kara Kuri Optimus Prime And Furai Devastator! Plus Preorder For Furai G1 Optimus Prime!

Via the Transfans Facebook page and Twitter user @kurouwww_Hobby, come a plethora of images for the soon-to-be released Kuro Kara Kuri Optimus Prime high-end figure, and the Furai Model Kit Devastator!

First up, we have a pretty thorough gallery of images from the Transfans Facebook page, showcasing Flame Toys high;y detailed, highly articulated and high priced Optimus Prime figure from their high-end collectible Kuro Kara Kuri line. Check them out on the Transfans Facebook page, or in our mirrored gallery below.

This version of the noble Autobot Leader isn’t based on any one version of Prime however, as it incorporates inspirations from many different iterations of the character. Featuring weapons based on Transformers Animated Prime’s Rocket Axe, the Live Action Movie Prime’s Swords, War For Cybertron Prime’s massive Battleaxe (a d4toys preorder exclusive), as well as the mighty Star Saber, Primas Sword. All this, plus incredible articulation, dynamic paintwork and LED light up features for both Primes eyes and Matrix Chamber, make this one impressive Prime.
Next up, Furai Model Kit Devastator! Like many figures in Flame Toys Furai line, this snap-together figure is a more stylized and hot-blooded interpretation of the mighty Constructicon combiner, as it follows the more Studio Trigger inspired aesthetics of figures such as Attack Mode Optimus, Bumblebee, Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker.
Check out the in hand images if what will be the largest Furai kit yet, either via twitter user @kurouwww_Hobby, or our mirrored images bellow.

These images give you a great look at just how dynamic the Furai Devastator kit is going to be once assembled. Clocking in at around 18cm (7 inches) tall, this burly behemoth stands tall and intimidating, the highly detailed design showing off his multiple Construction vehicle components, as well as a few fun twists. Such as Scavengers bucket being used as a giant knuckleduster, or Hooks crane becoming a giant cannon.
Last, but by no means least, we have Flame Toys, via their own twitter, teasing their next upcoming Furai release, a dynamic model kit rendition of the classic Generation 1 Optimus Prime design, shortly before preorders for said figure started popping up. Check out Flame Toys twitter for the images, or our mirrored gallery below.

Looking as heroic and dynamic as he should, as well as packing his trusty Ion Blaster. Furai G1 Optimus is ready and able to stand alongside any and all of Fkame Toys previous Furai model kits.
Preorders for the Kuro Kara Kuri Optimus Prime are up at site sponsor TFSource, BigBadToyStore and d4toys (with their WFC battleaxe bonus) have Kuro Kara Kuri Prime up for preorder for around $450. For those of us across the pond, KapowToys has Kuro Kara Kuri Prime up for preorder at around £324.99. The estimated release date for the figure is January 2020. The Furai Devastator model kit is up for preorder at TFSource and BigBadToyStore for around $89.99, with an estimated release date if January 2020. Again, for those of us across the pond, KapowToys has a preorder up for around £94.97, although sadly with an estimated release date of March/April 2020. On the positive side though, KapowToys has seemingly gotten their preorder for the Furai G1 Optimus Prime model kit up before any other online retailer, priced at around £36.97 and with a release date if March/April 2020.
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