BotConspiracy! Does BotCon Still Function?

Across several social media platforms, the former official Transformers convention has mysteriously shown signs of life. Were reports of the erstwhile convention’s permanent demise premature? Could it find its way back from the Afterspark? Read on and join the speculation!
A few weeks ago eagle-eyed fans spotted was once again online. At the time, it was simply the 2016 site back up—the last year the convention ran before Hasbro opted to not renew FunPublications license to instead focus on their brand-wide convention, Hascon. However, today across BotCon’s old Facebook page, Twitter account,, and there have been updates stating that something new is under construction.

What could this mean? Is the convention returning? And if so, will it once again be officially sanctioned by Hasbro? Only time will tell. Until then, we can only speculate if the original Transformers fan convention founded way back in 1994 will indeed live again.
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