BotBots series 4 bios and collecting guide now up on Hasbro Transformers site!

The new year brings more competitive spirit than just the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, as the show-stealing tribes that comprise the BotBots line get into the act. With the newly-released Series 4 comes the Goldrush Games, which sees the adorable tinyformers competing to secure membership of the new Winner’s Circle bots!

Hasbro has updated the Transformers site with a fresh round of bios for the Series 4 releases, keeping the line’s online presence going strong into the toyline’s fourth round. Fans can now also download collector’s guides that will help navigate the four series so far. They may need them, as Series 4 brings even more new tribes to play:

  • The Magic Tricksters are “the tricky little tribe of bots from the magic store!”
  • The Movie Moguls are “a band of movie buff bots from the movie theatre!”
  • The Science Alliance are “mad scientist bots from the science store!”

There’s also the classic-and-classy Retro Replays, a nifty throwback to the old school, and the aforementioned Winner’s Circle, a gold-plated tribe of top prizes.
There are 190 bots to collect in 2020, and now we get to know them a bit better!

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