Unannounced Transformers Cyberverse Quintesson Three Pack SPOTTED at US Retail!

Christmas must be coming late this year, because a three pack of completely unannounced Cyberverse toys has already made it out on some retail shelves!

According to a report from YouTube Transformers reviewer Peaugh on his Twitter, a brand new, completely unannounced three pack of Transformers Cyberverse figures has hit the shelves of his local Target! Entitled “Quintesson Invasion” and bearing what seems to be the “Battle for Cybertron” subtitle for the 2020 Cyberverse line, the three pack includes not only new mold figures of Prowl and Shockwave but also a Quintesson judge!

As he demonstrates in another Tweet, the Quintesson judge does indeed have the face changing gimmick you’d expect. Also included are a pair of helmets designed to fit over Prowl and Shockwave’s heads, hinting that whatever role the Quintessons play in Season 3 of the Cyberverse cartoon will involve mind control.
The sudden arrival of this toy is no doubt a pleasant surprise, as this marks the first official Quintesson figure put out by Hasbro since 2004’s release of Alpha Quintesson in the Transformers Energon line. Peaugh apparently left this set on the shelf, having found it alone outside of the Transformers section, so it’s unknown if this was put out by mistake and would actually be purchasable. However, he did scan it at a price checker and discovered it rang up as being $29.99.
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