Official Takara Tomy Stock Images for MP-49 Black Convoy and Earthrise Wheeljack, Ironworks, and Hot Rod Patrol

Takara made a red Convoy and wanted it painted black, then they took some new pictures of some of the first few Earthrise toys!

Via Amazon Japan and Dengeki Hobby, we have a whole host of images of the newly announced MP-49 Black Convoy and three upcoming Earthrise figures!
A redeco of MP-44 Convoy, Takara’s third, extremely cartoon accurate take on Optimus Prime, MP-49 ditches many of the original release’s accessories, including the trailer. As such, his price tag has gone down by half, costing 24,038 yen compared to MP-44’s 50,000. Based on these stock images, he does still include the original release’s Matrix of Leadership, Ion Cannon, the associated effect part, and Energon Axe, the latter two of which have been recast in translucent blue.

Meanwhile, on the far less expensive end of the line, Takara also released several images of Earthrise Wheeljack, Ironworks, and the Micromaster Hot Rod Patrol. Of particular note is once again confirmation that Micromasters retain the combined weapon modes they had in Siege, plus bots with Micromaster Base alt-modes like Ironworks can also serve as armor for their fellow deluxe and higher teammates! Rounding out the set are a handful images showcasing the interconnectivity of the bases with other toys such as Battle Master Soundbarrier and Siege Omega Supreme.

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