KRE-O Returns? Listings Appear for New Transformers: Nezha Construction Kits

Two of the strangest threads in modern Transformers have become perhaps inevitably intertwined, as China’s exclusive Transformers series and Hasbro’s brand of LEGO style construction toys have united!
Thanks to a tip from Allspark member Thylacine 2000 in our forum thread on the subject, we’ve learned of the existence of four LEGO-esque plastic brick construction kits that have appeared on the website While many of the other Transformers-esque kits on the site are clearly unofficial kits, these listings all bear the branding of the China exclusive Transformers: Nezha series, as well as Hasbro and Authentic Transformers logos.

As you can see, all four kits seem to be closely based on Transformers: Cyberverse designs, which the Nezha series seems to repurpose. While we currently lack a way to verify whether they truly are official Hasbro products, they certainly seem to be much more official looking than anything else Brick4 is offering! Unfortunately, they lack any actual KRE-O branding or any of that line’s Kreon mini-figures. If any other news develops on these kits, we’ll be sure to let you know!
Thanks again to Allsparker Thylacine 2000 for the tip! To catch up on Transformers: Nezha, check out our forum thread and share your thoughts there or on the Allspark Discord or Facebook!