First Look at the Upcoming Nezha: Transformers Animated Series!

After an eternity of announcements and leaked toys, we finally have our first look at the upcoming China exclusive animated Transformers series!

It’s been a while since the series was first announced, but we now have an official trailer for the upcoming Nezha: Transformers animated series!

Animated by Hasbro’s own in-house animators at Allspark Animation (no relation, unfortunately), the series is set to run for 52, 11 minute episodes. As you can see from the trailer, run time isn’t the only thing the series has in common with the Transformers: Cyberverse animated series, as Nezha seems to crossover with our current, domestic show as well!
Also curious, Allspark member Ikkad related on our Discord that, according to a friend of his familiar with the series, the Nezha part of the show seems to be drawn from a specific telling of the old Chinese folktale that aired in that country in the early 2000s! For the full extent of the evidence, you can check out the tf-fiction channel of the Allspark Discord, but take a look at The Legend of Nezha’s opening sequence and compare and contrast it with this trailer!
Finally, via the Yu’s Hobby Land Facebook, we also have a promotional poster for the series!

And that is it on this curious international co-production for now! To discuss this and other Transformers news, check out the Allspark forums, Discord, or Facebook!