Even More Unannounced Transformers Cyberverse Boxsets Spotted at US Retail!

Another report has surfaced of the Quintesson led three pack and another featuring their famous minions!

Yesterday we reported on a sighting of an unannounced Cyberverse boxset featuring a Quintesson judge along with Spark Armor Prowl and Shockwave. We now also have a corroborating report from a Reddit post made by u/somenamelessghoul that confirms that boxset is indeed out there and apparently able to be purchased!
That’s not all though! Thanks to another Reddit post from u/Valdor99, there’s also been a confirmed sighting/purchase of ANOTHER unannounced Cyberverse boxset! Rather than a Quintesson, this one includes several tiny Sharkticon figures packaged with a black redeco of Warrior Class Fusion Flame Hot Rod. According to a gallery of images taken by Valdor99, these Sharkticons are roughly the same size as a BotBots figure and are indeed able to transform! This sighting was reported from Victoria, Texas.

Thank you to Allspark forums member Paladin for alerting us to Valdor99’s discovery!
If you’ve got any sightings or successful purchase stories of your own, be sure to share them with us on the Allspark forums, Discord, or Facebook!