Early Cyberverse Christmas? January 2020 Cyberverse Deluxes out in Hong Kong

As reported by BWTF.com, Transformers fan Kenneth Y has shared pictures of the upcoming Deluxe wave of Cyberverse figures. As you might recall, these Deluxes are distinct from Cyberverse’s typical Warrior class, in that these offer a more traditional style of construction, complexity, and articulation — and they come with parts to build Maccadam!
Kenneth’s pictures (courtesy of BWTF.com) show off the first set of 4 Deluxes — Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, and Shockwave, currently available in Hong Kong — in their all-new window-box packaging.
The packaging also reveals the rest of the lineup: we already knew about Deluxe Hot Rod, but joining him are the Cyberverse iterations of Arcee, Grimlock, and new character Thunderhowl!

Kenneth also went on to share some out-of-box photos of the Deluxe Optimus Prime, showing off the new figure’s articulation and features.

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