Transformers Trading Card Game Reveals New “Energon Edition” Box Set!

Celebrate an entire year of the Transformers Trading Card game with this limited edition set of some of it’s rarest cards!

It’s hard to believe, but it’s already been an entire year since the beginning of Wizards of the Coast’s Transformers Trading Card Game. And now, after a week of cryptic hints being dropped via the game’s social media, WotC has announced that they’re celebrating the game’s first anniversary with the release of the Transformers Trading Card Game: Energon Edition!

A limited edition box set, the Energon Edition comes with six of the most prized cards from the game’s first wave, including Slipstream, Strategic Seeker and Cliffjumper, Renegade Warrior, two cards that until now were only available exclusively in the promo pack sold before the game’s actual launch. These six cards are all printed on semi-transparent plastic for a slick, premium feel. Also included are 3 copies of 6 of the first wave’s rarest Battle Cards with a new, foil printing, thirty Wave 1 Booster packs in special edition storage boxes, and 18 “Energon Cube” dice for tracking damage. All this comes in a special Energon cube styled box.
The Energon Edition boxset will sell for $199.99, with orders opening at 12:00 PM PST on Monday, December 2nd. Store listings are still to come. For the full details on the set, check out the press release here! And to talk TCG shop, you can check out the Allspark forums, Discord server, or Facebook group!