Takara Tomy Stock Photos of Earthrise Optimus Prime, Hoist, and Grapple

The mystery of the color of Convoy’s hands deepens with these new official images of Takara Tomy’s Japanese releases of these three Autobots!

Via a pair of articles posted on Dengeki Hobby’s website, we have our first look of Takara Tomy’s stock photos for their releases of Earthrise Optimus Prime, Grapple, Hoist, and Soundbarrier!

In a very curious turn of events, Takara’s photos of ER Optimus are once again distinct from the copy on display by Hasbro at this year’s New York Comic Con and from the leaked copy that appeared online a few days ago. Like the NYCC copy, Takara’s photography shows Optimus with unpainted grey/white hands rather than the blue hands featured in the leaked copy. He also has the Marvel-equse yellow eyes, rather than the leaked copy’s blue eyes and, unlike all other copies, has blue elbow joints as well. On a similar note, Grapple also seems to have different, perhaps unpainted colors as well. Unlike the NYCC copy, Grapple has a seemingly unpainted white, plastic face (as opposed to a painted silver face) and his eyes are the same orange plastic color that makes up the majority of his body rather than being painted blue. Grapple also is curiously shown with a nozzle-esque hand cannon, something he’s never been shown with before.
It’s worth noting that Takara does have some history of using toys that haven’t been entirely painted for their stock photography, as was the case for Siege Ultra Magnus, who’s Takara images showed him with an unpainted red gun. In fact, their photography for several Wave 2 Siege toys like Ironhide and Soundwave were entirely unpainted, using grey model prototypes instead! As the saying goes, “product and colors may vary.”
Also interesting is that Grapple and Soundbarrier are “ER EX” releases that will be exclusive to the Takara Tomy Mall website, rather than available at general Japanese retail.
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