In-hand pictures of Earthrise Optimus Prime surface

Anonymously uploaded pictures of Earthrise Optimus Prime have begun circulating online, showing off the upcoming toy and changes made to it since it was initially revealed.

Most notably, the toy displays that the hands – initially announced as grey due to the need for the plastic to match to the trailer – have since been repainted in a show-accurate metallic blue. The toy’s yellow eyes, based on the Marvel comics, have also been changed to a show-inspired blue.

Comparison pictures between the new toy and WFC-S65 Classic Animation Optimus Prime are also included, letting the degree of retooling for the new toy be plainly seen – plus the addition of a stowable, collapsible ion blaster.
Thanks to Allspark user Nathaniel Prime for alerting us to this news. What do you think of the changes? Have your say in the Earthrise thread on our forums, or join the conversation in our Discord server!