War for Cybertron: Siege Ratchet Now Available Online From Walgreens!

The Autobots’ chief medical officer is now making house calls!

After a lengthy period of waiting for his appearance in the US, the new War for Cybertron: Siege Ratchet has finally started cropping up at Walgreens stores across the country! If you’ve had bad luck of the draw, don’t have many stores in your area, feel weird about potentially walking in and out of the place without buying anything, or whatever else though, don’t fret! Walgreens has also now made this exclusive Transformer available to order from their website!
At the time of this writing, Ratchet is currently in-stock and orderable, but there have been reports of him appearing and disappearing intermittently or there being problems with the checkout process. While this is an unfortunate complication, it still might be worth a shot! Once again, you can find Ratchet here.
If your so inclined, Ratchet’s fellow Walgreens exclusive, the Power Rangers Lightning Collection Mighty Morphin Black Ranger with Dragon Shield is also available online! As of this writing, other current Hasbro six inch exclusives like Marvel Legends Dani Moonstar or Star Wars Black Series Clone Commander Obi-Wan have pages that can be found on Google but return a page saying they are unavailable online.
Let us know what kind of luck you have with Ratchet over on the on the Allspark forums, Discord server, or Facebook group!