War for Cybertron: Earthrise Starscream and Zarak Revealed on SyFy Wire’s NYCC 2019 Livestream!

Get a sneak peak at the newest incarnation of the classic Decepticon Seeker and the head of the 2020 Titan Class figure!

At SyFy Wire’s New York Comic Con 2019 Livestream, Hasbro’s John Warden and Ben Montano stopped by to chat about what’s new in the world of the Transformers and brought a couple of reveals with them: Earthrise Starscream and what can only be Zarak, the head for next year’s 2020 Titan Class figure, Scorponok! Starscream seems to be pointedly styled after his classic, well, Classics toy from 2006, the first true remake of the G1 Starscream toy in the modern era and perhaps the most prolificly rereleased and redecoed one. While they pointedly avoided namedropping Zarak or Scorponok, they did confirm that unlike the G1 original, this Scorponok will be a double Headmaster like his Autobot opposite Fortress Maximus, with the deluxe scale Headmaster having the full range of articulation fans have come to expect from the War for Cybertron line!

In addition to these reveals, Warden and Montano also showed off the new 35th Anniversary “Classic Animation” style redecoes of War for Cybertron: Siege Optimus Prime and Megatron in addition to Generations Selects Hot Shot and Powerdasher Cromar, who are debuting for purchase/pre-order at the show! They also, of course, plugged HasLabs Unicron, who only has a scant 3 days and 11 hours to get to the minimum 8,000 backers from the current 7,000!

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