Walmart and Walgreens Exclusive War for Cybertron: Siege toys Finally Sighted in the US!

The two Wal- chains took some time, but finally the Siege Ratchet and the 35th Anniversary subline are appearing on store shelves!

At long last, it seems the huge rush of 2019 War for Cybertron: Siege exclusives is coming to a close. First, the Walmart exclusive subline of 35th Anniversary redecos such as Classic Animation Optimus Prime and Megatron, Bluestreak, and Soundblaster were spotted in a Pennsylvania Walmart store according to a post in the Transformers Colombia Facebook group. And what a sighting it was, as the toys have gotten a big, fancy endcap with a cardboard display and everything! Further sightings have been reported in Washington, Connecticut, and Mississippi, among others. To save yourself some time, Allspark member Sprocket has suggested looking up the Walmart SKU number for Bluestreak (292999151) on Brickseek to check what local stores may have them in stock.

Furthermore, the long awaited Walgreens exclusive War for Cybertron: Siege Ratchet was also sighted in the US for the first time, after months of already being available in markets such as Canada and Australia. The first report came in at a store in DC Chinatown and has been followed by more reports in Florida, Kentucky, and Michigan. Unfortunately we don’t have any sick tricks to help you burn less gas trying to hunt one down.
We wish everyone out there tracking down these last few exclusives happy hunting! Once you snag yours, share with us over on the Allspark forums, Discord server, or Facebook group!