Super XP Five Star Event This Weekend For Earth Wars As Well As Free Prizes!

This weekend’s event for Transformers Earth Wars is an alliance event where you can earn Spark, Warfare Crystals, and 5 star shards while earning Super XP! Check out below for more info!

The event, called Barren Lands, will be a 60 prestige alliance event event where you earn a ton of 5 star shards! Each prestige, you will get two Warfare Crystals that unlocks either 3,4, or 5 star shards. Check out the information from Space Ape below:

We are also in the middle of the community event and 4 out of 5 rewards have already been unlocked! Click the four links below to redeem your rewards! Note, you need to open it from your device and have the game closed for each one to work.
Prize 1
Prize 2
Prize 3
Prize 4

Also, Speaking of free loot, we have the link below to the Free Autumn Gift! Once Again, make sure to open it from your device with the game closed to redeem this epic gift!
Autumn Gift

Do you need an alliance for this event? Let us know in our Earth Wars thread, on our Discord Server, @AllsparkNews on Twitter, or our Facebook group! And good luck in the event!