Store Listings Reveal Studio Series Sentinel Prime, Roadbuster, and Offroad Bumblebee!

Ahead of this week’s MCM London Comic Con, listings have gotten out for three new Studio Series toys, plus another Constructicon!

Via the Loopaza Mega Store’s Facebook page, we have solicits for several upcoming Transformers Studio Series toys! Among already announced ones like DotM Shockwave, 07 Megatron, WWII Hot Rod and the Constructicons Scavenger and Scrapper, there are three unannounced figures as well: Sentinel Prime and Roadbuster from Dark of the Moon and “Offroad Bumblebee”.

While the nature of the former Autobot leader and the Mountain Dew branded NASCAR Wrecker is pretty clear, the list doesn’t give many hints as to what this “Offroad Bumblebee” might be, though rumors have circulated that a toy of the Jeep alt-moded body Bumblebee briefly assumes at the beginning of his eponymous movie is in production. In any case, the timing of these listings appearing hint that these three might be revealed in full at this weekend’s MCM London Comic Con. If they do indeed show up there this Saturday, we’ll be sure to let you know!
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